2nd Annual Photo Exhibition 2009  

If you are Malaysian who has photos of Malaysia's Vanishing Heritage please read on...

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Calling for submissions for 2nd Annual Photo Exhibition 2009.


The theme for PhotoMalaysia 2009 Exhibition is Our Vanishing Heritage. This is a catch all theme that could include many aspects of our heritage that is rapidly vanishing as Malaysia progresses and prospers. It can include Vanishing Trades, Vanishing Landmarks, Vanishing cultural practices, Vanishing Traditional Dresses, Vanishing Tribes, Vanishing Landscapes, Vanishing Animals, and in fact it can encompass anything a photographer feel should be recognized, remembered, resurrected and even rejuvenated. It will be PhotoMalaysia Members photographic statement of those aspects of our culture that needs to be recorded, preserved, documented or remembered.

If it so happens that you have images of people/places/things thats already _not_ around (i.e. vanished), you're MOST welcome to contribute your work as well.

That being said, the theme is on subject matter located in Malaysia only. That bit is final.

In a nutshell, people will think of the obvious, namely:

1. People : remember the Mayban ad featuring a turbaned Sikh security guard fellow? How about barbers under trees or the one in sidelanes? Your 'Roti'man on a bicycle? The guy who roasted coffee on the back of a bicycle in the kampungs?

2. Places : The Bok house has been torn down, The old Bukit Bintang Girl School has been demolished and in it's current place now stand IMHO an ugly shopping mall, old cinemas has been replaced by cineplexes in malls etc

3. Things : the tiffin of old has been replaced by the obiquitious styrofoam. The marbles children used to play has been relaced by PSP, PS and other electronic devices and such.

But why let the title of the exhibition stifle your imagination? Let it roams free. As such, I'm going to introduce a category (for lack of better word) to get your grey matter going.

4. Conceptual : make your own interpretation of what is 'heritage' meant to you.

You're allowed to stage your photo. You can recreate a scene. You can recreate a photo and added some twist (I'm leaving it to your imagination)

You can send in a series of images (diptych or triptych).

You can send in submission as big as A3 size, or as small as 5R sized.

You can submit your work in colour.

You can submit it in B&W be it in analogue or digital format.

Heck, you can even send in a video installation (replete with projections if the tv set and VCR, ooops, who uses VCR anymore rite? Hey! That falls under the 'Thing' category isn't it *wink*?) if you have the means to do it.

A panel of curators (not members of for impartiality) will evaluate the submissions. As such, regarding submission mechanics, please send in your work in soft copy format to . Please use '2nd PhotoMalaysia Annual Exhibition submission' as your title header.

Your submission, in whatever size (5"x7", 8"x10", 11"x14") can be in jpeg format @ 300 dpi and save it @ 'Image Quality' set as '8'. Why such large size?

So we can print it big to asses it's quality. If it's good we even framed it up for you at cost.

You MUST put a caption for your work(s).

You can write a short write up of your work in one paragraph. We may or may not use it.

For hardcopy submissions in the Klang Valley area only, give me a tinkle @ 012 231 5654 to arrange pick-ups and such.

Just in case you're wondering, when you submit your high resolution work, you still retained your rights to the work. In plain language, it's your photo(s) we exhibit it for you..

A section of the exhibition space is being reserved for Crossing Bridges V participants. More details on this later.

Submission of your work will end on the 7th December 2008.

In regards to exhibition space, the venue will still be the same as last year, which is the Annexe Gallery, Central Market. For this exhibition, we are RENTING it RM3,000.00 (RM1,500.00/week for 2 weeks) starting from 12th of January 2009 until the 24th of January 2009. I understand the Chinese Lunar New Year falls on the 25th and 26th of January so some of you will be busy with the celebrations preparing and such.

Have no worry, we're going to have volunteers helping preparing the exhibit and when it ends, dismantling it as well.

We already secured RM1,500.00 for the rental from and from a PMer who wished to remain anonymous. We still short of RM1,500.00 of which we planned to raised from the members whose work is being selected for the exhibition.

For presentation purpose, selected submissions shall follow a standard Black framing and cream coloured mounting board style. Sample will be posted up soon.

For those who wished to volunteer their time and gaining experience organising and running a photo exhibition, pm me for details.

We planned to launch the exhibition on the 15th of January 2009.

Don't worry about your work 'not being exhibition standards'. Just send in your submissions to the above e-mail address. If you don't try, you definitely will never know

Ted Adnan


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An unknown orchid already blooming for more than 2 weeks. I suppose a Phal of sort.. My wife bought when it was really a small plant without even knowing what kind of orchid, of what colour or how it would turn out to be..

It looks like a hive of sort with a figure of somekind inside the petals..

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