2007 Photo Gallery  

New year already came and a week has gone by, looking back at 2007 these are a few photos that I have put in this blog for your viewing pleasure. In 2008, I am hoping that I could take better eye catching photograph and share here as well. Hope you enjoy them so far and have a nice year ahead.

Shareapic Photo Gallery

Kuda Kepang

Orchid Gallery

Nature and Wildlife

Johor Motocross Championship 2007

Flickr Photo Gallery

Flickr photo gallery is one of the most handy and easiest to manage online photo gallery. You can put all of your photo collection regardless of size and it's online so that it is accessible just with an internet connection. Previously, I used to put all my photos at webshots and a few other places but soon I found out that it is rather troublesome with that other places because of excessive advertisement and not easily maneuver, the navigation, menus is rather limited.

Later on, I found flickr and it slowly became a favourite for hosting all my sharable pictures. In fact I can have sets of photos that can be tagged as private that selected people only can view them.

As a free member, with just a Yahoo ID, one can have unlimited space at flickr. There is a few limitation with free account, you have a limit of upload bandwidth per month, 100MB if not mistaken, limited sets or category of photos, and so on check out the faq at flickr. But with just USD24.95 you can become a Pro and have many more options and features.

Do visit my gallery at Flickr : Head on to Tropical Blooms gallery.


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