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Knol - a unit of knowledge, share what you know.

Official Google Blog: Encouraging people to contribute knowledge

Today, when I login to my blogspot account I was instantly prompted to read an article at blogspot official blog about Knol, short for knowledge. I suppose I have heard about this for quite some time already and finally it is here.

My first impression about Knol is.. emm not bad, something to challenge Wikipedia on collection of knowledge but one thing for certain is that Knol would be really written by the expert as of this moment at least though anybody have right to pitch in. I, myself just want to feel how the interface would be and first sight it is cool, where Wiki syntax is a new language one need to learn, Knol way of tackling it just like an old school WYSIWYG kind of interface, a normal word processing tool. Somehow, it makes you feel like writing a blog.

But I suppose my english is not at par with the current so called Knol writers and my knowledge about things are not that great that I could claim as mine yet. It is because that would be one drawback to attract people to write a Knol in comparison to Wiki. The existing articles in Knol were written by men/women of knowledge or should I say again an expert in their playing field so a simple guy like me writing for a unit of knowledge in Knol would we rather far fetch, it would take years and lots and lots of practice to get to the level of the existing writers.

Well, I am not saying Wikipedia's contents are not realiable, it is just that Wikipedia is too vast and somehow many information could be written without prior confirmation or even consent especially when someone is without ethics. But to get to the current level I really salute the people who dedicated their life to support Wikipedia and contribute to its content. I guess Wiki not has a rival that is as big and as strong in every departments.

So as for me, I suppose I have just able to write a blog at blogspot, though hopefully I could progress to a better level in the future or maybe I could try writing at Wikipedia, to make my marks in the vast spaces of virtual world of WWW.

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Bila Diri Disayangi - Ukay's  

The title above is actually a title of a song that can be considered an evergreen rock ballad genre song. It is in Malay in which translated would mean something live "When you are loved". It has a sweet melody and with a powerful lyric that if one know related story behind the song could really touch ones heart. I for once during one of a motivational session attended recently somehow simply broke in tears without any reservation when this song was played.

It is basically a real life story about the singer of the song, his hardship, broken marriage and all of it happens because of his kid that is supposedly only got a few months to live. It was during his peak time as a singer and when he turned to friends for support not many actually given all out to help him. So to cut the story short he turn to God and finally find solace and solitude.

The video clip doesn't really do justice to the song since for commercial purpose it was shown as if a song about love of man & woman. Anyhow, I don't want to really translated the song due to its complexity but nevertheless the melody should be an enjoyable one and soothes one ears.

A Karaoke Version.

Why do I write this, emm.. well going home today the song was played over the radio and somehow the tune just want to get away, it's keeps humming in my head as if asking me to write something about it. So here it is.

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A new beginning  

It has been a very busy month for me, with the work loads, with personal projects and I almost forgotten about my blog. Em well, today is 1st of July 2008, the beginning of the second half of year 2008. Looking back I think I have achieved a fraction of what I have planned in the beginning of the year. I do hope that I would continue the current progress and hopefully by the end of the year I would at least achieve 70% of this year target.

Life has been a bless though a little setback in life when my wife suffered a miscarriage on May. But though I am a bit sad life still has to continue and just hope for a better future for my family.

Last month I managed to get involved with a photo shoots for my sister-in-laws photos session at a simple made-up studio, it was my first time shooting at a studio and without proper lighting equipments, with just my Canon Speedlight I managed to shoot a few of I suppose a better quality pictures in comparison with the old days of shooting with built-in flash. It all thanks to The Know you Flash class I attended back in May. Just head on to my tropicalbloom gallery at flickr for some of the photos.

Emm well, I suppose this is the only things that I can write for now, just hoping I could write more in the future if not then at least post some photos of my daily life.

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