Vermi are worms  

Embarking in a new project sometimes is very tiring since no matter how much reading has been done or how much theories you presume you know it still won't really match up with the real thing, or won't really be the same as getting your hands dirty with it.

A few weeks ago I tried on a new project, a small scale just to find out what is it the hype about raising bunch of creatures, lives in a damp places high in humidity soil named worms. At first it seems very messy and somewhat many people would stay away but somehow after about a week it was kind fun. And looking at them worms wiggling themselves trying to run away from light is rather amusing.

I have put up a different blog for this I hope I'll be able to somehow write a journal about this also there.

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8 th Day of the 8th Month of 8 th Year  

Today is another unique day that passes by in my life time.. I suppose about a year ago I did write about 777, 7 th Day of the 7th Month of 7 th Year and here I am again writing about another day with another number. The Chinese believe that the number 8 is a very lucky one and as such triple 8 would be three times more. And mostly in Malaysia where the cross culture syndrome can be seen bridging from one to the other, even many Malays get marriage today because of the date.

And I spoke with one of the Imam the other day, he is fully booked to handle a Nikah or marriage vow ceremony throughout the day, some booked as early as 8 in the morning. And since it is also a Friday which is in Islam is a very good day to do stuff it added weigh even more.

As for me I do hope a long live and prosper, I do hope I would be writing again and again and again...

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Malaysia Flora Parade 2008  

Originally uploaded by alwizbme
This set of pictures was taken on 26th of July 2008, at the Flora Parade 2008 in conjunction to the Flora Fest 2008 which was held on 23-29th of July 2008 at Danga Bay, Johor Bahru Malaysia. It was a festival of fun, full of flower which was highlighted with this parade event.

I was lucky to be able to watch the show because I had to send my wife to a seminar somewhere nearby the parade show, and later the day we are able to watch all the float at one place as they were stored in a big air conditioned warehouse showroom at Danga Bay.

Head of to my gallery for the full pictures taken at the parade.

-> Flora Parade 2008, Johor Bahru.

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