8 th Day of the 8th Month of 8 th Year  

Today is another unique day that passes by in my life time.. I suppose about a year ago I did write about 777, 7 th Day of the 7th Month of 7 th Year and here I am again writing about another day with another number. The Chinese believe that the number 8 is a very lucky one and as such triple 8 would be three times more. And mostly in Malaysia where the cross culture syndrome can be seen bridging from one to the other, even many Malays get marriage today because of the date.

And I spoke with one of the Imam the other day, he is fully booked to handle a Nikah or marriage vow ceremony throughout the day, some booked as early as 8 in the morning. And since it is also a Friday which is in Islam is a very good day to do stuff it added weigh even more.

As for me I do hope a long live and prosper, I do hope I would be writing again and again and again...

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