Happy Eid Mubarak  

Happy Eid Mubarak or as here in Malaysia.. Selamat Menyambut Hari Raya Aidul Fitri... the announcement were made by the authority in the television about half and hour ago that Hari Raya or 1st of Syawal in Islamic calendar will be on the first of October, so it would be just another day of fasting. Most people who celebrate Hari Raya in Malaysia already in the mood and mostly people who works in the big city is heading home is not there already.

Lighting a "Pelita" as shown in the picture on the left is a tradition, it would add a little spice in the festive season. Since price of fuel is higher nowadays, we just put up a few of these Pelita not like when I was a kid where there are so many, and with many shape and sizes.

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Golden Rule of Road Safety  

Next week is Eid Mubarak or here in Malaysia people call it Hari Raya a celebration after a month of fasting for muslim and it is a 2 day public holiday whereby for Malaysia public school.. it is a week long holiday since most school has subsitute the remaining days of the week by conducting schools during weekends. So most school would be closed for a week. And as such most people would be going to their hometown this coming weekend and the roads will be pack with vehicle. And once a while big town like Kuala Lumpur will be a little deserted.

I got these 8 tips from the booklet by the Ministry of Road and Trasportation and it is a rule if people observ carefull would make the journey less hazardous and safer. As a slogan of "Drive, Ride & Walk Safe" where everbody can make a difference.

The 8 Golden Rule of Road Safety are :

1. Plan your journey to avoid last minute rush and panic. For long distance journey make sure you are not tired or sleepy. Also never drive under the influence of alcholol or drug.

2. Obey speed limits. There are there for a purpose.

3. Obey safety rules when changing lanes.

4. Practise safety at traffic intersections by stopping on red adn amber warning sign.

5. Avoid tailgating as it is very dangerous.

6. Always overtake safely, never overtake when in doubt.

7. Don't jump queue, it is rude and dangerous.

8. Don't weave through traffic, it is hazardous and risky.

Some people looked at rules as if meant to be broken but it is definitely there for a reason. Live is precious where you got to experience only once, so please at least abide to the rules as regulary as possible. My wife works at the hospital and she said these few day the Intensive Care Unit is swamps with patience, more than usual and the mortality rate due to accidents is getting higher by the day since there would be more people and vehicle on the road this festive season in Malaysia.

Please don't be a statistic. Drive safely and happy Hari Raya to all Malaysian and especially Muslims all over the world.

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The Browser's War  

Internet is norm today, almost every household in Malaysia would have some kind of internet connection or at least a neighborhood cyber cafe would provide one. And you would see almost everywhere in Malaysia, a cyber cafe would sprung like mushrooms after a rainy season.

Anyhow, I still remember the good old time when surfing the internet is a privileged where only few would experiences. I am one of the lucky ones since I got an older brother that is very keen with electronics and all the technology that come with it. And as such I have had experienced using most of the popular internet surfing tools avaiable, from the text based, Lynx to to ones available today the Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Firefox 3

There was a time when Netscape Navigator dominates but Microsoft were soon to react and I suppose IE6 is the final draw that really drew blood and finally Netscape were gone. But lucikly Firefox is here to save the day, or at least to counter the dominance of Internet Explorer with a big bang and I hope it would play a major part in the future of browsers.

There is a new kid in town with a backing of technology none can compare, Chrome browser by Google is getting popular, I suppose it came with the territory, Google is a very Big fish indeed. Anyhow, I really hope in the end these wars would benefit the end users, the consumer to speak.. the best would prevail.

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Win Malaysia's First Home-Grown MPV  

Taken from : NameProtonMPV.com

It is time to put your talent to the test. Take a break and put on your thinking cap. Malaysia's first ever national multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) by PROTON is almost ready. And PROTON is giving you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to create history, by giving a name to the MPV.

Think of a name for our newest family member. The best name submitted could win you a brand new Proton MPV. There are other prizes to be won as well.

Prizes to be won!

Grand Prize:
1 x Proton MPV

Consolation Prizes:
2 x Overseas trip for two worth RM15,000*.

* Prizes are subject to change upon the sole discretion of Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Sdn. Bhd. ("PROTON").

Before you get started, here's what we can tell about the Proton MPV.

It is comfortable:
It means more leg rooms, more space to carry your luggage and most of all it is a car for the entire family to travel in.

It is affordable:
Malaysians love value-for-money and Proton MPV is giving Malaysians just that!

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Stumble Entrecard Site  

I was bored the other day so I thought of doing some card dropping thru Entrecard and after a few while got tired of it. Then I found this site about how to do a 300 drops fast at this site, http://www.tysblog.com, nice trick but still it took a while to do them since it all depends on your internet connection and I didn't find it fun unless all the bookmarks are your own and something that you really found of.

So I thought why don't I do stumble and then find all the people who like entrecard, so it would be just click and click of the stumble button and I would at least landed on interesting pages and at the same time would have an Entrecard button.

So here it goes...

1. Log in to you stumbleupon account then it would automatically redirect you to your home at stumbleupon.

2. Type "entrecard" at the search form on the right top corner

3. It would bring you to the tag pages of entrecard, http://www.stumbleupon.com/tag/entrecard/

4. Then click on "I like pages about entrecard", so if any of your pages got stumble you would be in the list for future stumblers.

5. Then click on "Stumble pages about this", and you would see that the channel at your StumbleUpon toolbar is now set to the "entrecard" channel.

So now whenever you click on the Stumble! button you would landed with an interesting stumbled site that if you like it then click "I like it" and at the same time you can drop a card. Though maybe I won't be able to get to 300 drops a day but it would be more fun this way.

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Canon Goes Green  

Canon Goes Green is a movement aims to create an awareness about environmental preservation.. you can be a volunteer or just even submit a photo that would lead to a nature conservation awareness.

Head on to Canon Goes Green at http://www.canongoesgreen.com/ for more information.

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Fasting Month of Ramadan  

Today is the 1st of September and it is also the first day of fasting month of Ramadan for muslims all over the world. It is a month that if you are a muslim you cannot eat and drink from sun up to sun down. Fasting is said would give your body a rest physically and mentally due to a whole year round of abuse and I suppose it could easily be proven through some scientific experiments.

Every year I have always looking forward for the month of Ramadan because during this time you would somehow tone down your activities and normally I would be able to lose some weight without any real effort. But the hardest part is normally to 100% embrace the spirit of Ramadan, somehow remind me of the three monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil and talk no evil.. you actually have to spiritually fasting also. And even hardest part come time to break from the fast after sun down, the temptation of food is even more of a burden.. but I suppose with all the food stall selling all varieties you won't find everyday and found once a year only during the month of Ramadan would be an interesting view to be captured and photographed..

Anyhow, here I would like to wish all muslims, wherever you are a very good Ramadan ahead and may there be peace to the world, for years and years to come.

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