Golden Rule of Road Safety  

Next week is Eid Mubarak or here in Malaysia people call it Hari Raya a celebration after a month of fasting for muslim and it is a 2 day public holiday whereby for Malaysia public school.. it is a week long holiday since most school has subsitute the remaining days of the week by conducting schools during weekends. So most school would be closed for a week. And as such most people would be going to their hometown this coming weekend and the roads will be pack with vehicle. And once a while big town like Kuala Lumpur will be a little deserted.

I got these 8 tips from the booklet by the Ministry of Road and Trasportation and it is a rule if people observ carefull would make the journey less hazardous and safer. As a slogan of "Drive, Ride & Walk Safe" where everbody can make a difference.

The 8 Golden Rule of Road Safety are :

1. Plan your journey to avoid last minute rush and panic. For long distance journey make sure you are not tired or sleepy. Also never drive under the influence of alcholol or drug.

2. Obey speed limits. There are there for a purpose.

3. Obey safety rules when changing lanes.

4. Practise safety at traffic intersections by stopping on red adn amber warning sign.

5. Avoid tailgating as it is very dangerous.

6. Always overtake safely, never overtake when in doubt.

7. Don't jump queue, it is rude and dangerous.

8. Don't weave through traffic, it is hazardous and risky.

Some people looked at rules as if meant to be broken but it is definitely there for a reason. Live is precious where you got to experience only once, so please at least abide to the rules as regulary as possible. My wife works at the hospital and she said these few day the Intensive Care Unit is swamps with patience, more than usual and the mortality rate due to accidents is getting higher by the day since there would be more people and vehicle on the road this festive season in Malaysia.

Please don't be a statistic. Drive safely and happy Hari Raya to all Malaysian and especially Muslims all over the world.

And the code is FSKSW230137