The Browser's War  

Internet is norm today, almost every household in Malaysia would have some kind of internet connection or at least a neighborhood cyber cafe would provide one. And you would see almost everywhere in Malaysia, a cyber cafe would sprung like mushrooms after a rainy season.

Anyhow, I still remember the good old time when surfing the internet is a privileged where only few would experiences. I am one of the lucky ones since I got an older brother that is very keen with electronics and all the technology that come with it. And as such I have had experienced using most of the popular internet surfing tools avaiable, from the text based, Lynx to to ones available today the Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Firefox 3

There was a time when Netscape Navigator dominates but Microsoft were soon to react and I suppose IE6 is the final draw that really drew blood and finally Netscape were gone. But lucikly Firefox is here to save the day, or at least to counter the dominance of Internet Explorer with a big bang and I hope it would play a major part in the future of browsers.

There is a new kid in town with a backing of technology none can compare, Chrome browser by Google is getting popular, I suppose it came with the territory, Google is a very Big fish indeed. Anyhow, I really hope in the end these wars would benefit the end users, the consumer to speak.. the best would prevail.

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