Fasting Month of Ramadan  

Today is the 1st of September and it is also the first day of fasting month of Ramadan for muslims all over the world. It is a month that if you are a muslim you cannot eat and drink from sun up to sun down. Fasting is said would give your body a rest physically and mentally due to a whole year round of abuse and I suppose it could easily be proven through some scientific experiments.

Every year I have always looking forward for the month of Ramadan because during this time you would somehow tone down your activities and normally I would be able to lose some weight without any real effort. But the hardest part is normally to 100% embrace the spirit of Ramadan, somehow remind me of the three monkeys, see no evil, hear no evil and talk no evil.. you actually have to spiritually fasting also. And even hardest part come time to break from the fast after sun down, the temptation of food is even more of a burden.. but I suppose with all the food stall selling all varieties you won't find everyday and found once a year only during the month of Ramadan would be an interesting view to be captured and photographed..

Anyhow, here I would like to wish all muslims, wherever you are a very good Ramadan ahead and may there be peace to the world, for years and years to come.

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