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I was bored the other day so I thought of doing some card dropping thru Entrecard and after a few while got tired of it. Then I found this site about how to do a 300 drops fast at this site,, nice trick but still it took a while to do them since it all depends on your internet connection and I didn't find it fun unless all the bookmarks are your own and something that you really found of.

So I thought why don't I do stumble and then find all the people who like entrecard, so it would be just click and click of the stumble button and I would at least landed on interesting pages and at the same time would have an Entrecard button.

So here it goes...

1. Log in to you stumbleupon account then it would automatically redirect you to your home at stumbleupon.

2. Type "entrecard" at the search form on the right top corner

3. It would bring you to the tag pages of entrecard,

4. Then click on "I like pages about entrecard", so if any of your pages got stumble you would be in the list for future stumblers.

5. Then click on "Stumble pages about this", and you would see that the channel at your StumbleUpon toolbar is now set to the "entrecard" channel.

So now whenever you click on the Stumble! button you would landed with an interesting stumbled site that if you like it then click "I like it" and at the same time you can drop a card. Though maybe I won't be able to get to 300 drops a day but it would be more fun this way.

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And the code is FSKSW230137