Tropical Blooms  

This is my personal venture with capturing photos of the flora and fauna of the tropical garden be it in my own backyard or wherever that I have been to, the tropical jungle, along the way to work, or even vegetation on the roadside that catch my eyes. I have been thinking of compiling all my photo scrap book years ago but have yet to find the time to really sit down and actually put it all together until now. You will find that most of the name given here is in Malay but if I were to find the actual name of the plant or flower in English or in its scientific names, I'll sure include them alongside.

Mahkota Berduri

The above flower is called "Mahkota Berduri" because of the so many thorn all along the plant stem but my wife really like to grow them, there are red, yellow and a few other color varieties of the flower. And also varieties of flower sizes, really small, medium and big in size. "Mahkota" literally means "Crown" and "Berduri" means "with thorn". After googling here and there finally I found the scientific name for this plant and it is Euphorbia milli also called Crown-of-Thorns, I guess later on I'll write an entry solely about this plant.

One of the many varieties of orchids grew in the small garden in front of our house. Btw, if you are interested in all the actual size of all the pictures here, feel free to let me know. And all the pictures were taken using my hand phone Nokia N73, my digital camera Nikon Coolpix P1, my office digital camera Canon Powershot S3 IS or my sister's digital camera Canon Powershot A80.

Some of the pictures are fairly new and some will be quiet old, probably a few years old, ahaa.. if it weren't digital pictures they might be collecting dusts inside albums somewhere considering the recent flood that hit my house they could be already gone, thank God for the technology.

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