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The uniqueness about Malaysia in comparison to many other countries that have the same traits and attraction of a melting pot county is the richness of cultural heritage. Malaysia is one of the Malay Archipelago, a cluster of islands consist almost 20,000 island in which constitutes Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei and stretching to Papua New Guinea. As such many of the cultural activities like dances, foods and even languages are common from one country to the other.

Most of the local people where I live (Batu Pahat) somehow or rather can be traced to be originated from Java of Indonesia, many of which migrated over a century ago. And many cultural inheritance like dances and food are rather similar with the current people of Java, Indonesia. One of the most popular entertainment activities is Kuda Kepang dance. It is especially popular during wedding festival and many special occasions.

Last week I manage to take a few photos at one of the Kuda Kepang dance and it sure brings lots of memories since nowadays you hardly find it to be held at weddings anymore. Not like when I was a kid whereby each and every wedding would host a Kuda Kepang dance.

Checkout this thread I post in a forum at http://www.photomalaysia.com about that Kuda Kepang dance. You need to log in to be able to see the photos. More
photos of Kuda Kepang

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  • kay
    October 15, 2008 at 9:33 AM  

    hye there, i'm a student from local university in cyberjaya. Now i'm conducting a research about kuda kepang and i'm interested to know about its spiritual stuffs.. can i interview u by email? or if its possible through Yahoo messenger? if u have time do contact me at xenowork@gmail.com

And the code is FSKSW230137