A morning thought  

Here in Malaysia, now it is 6:43 am in the morning, just had my Subuh prayer and a cup of coffee... hehe just like the sound of it, actually no coffee yet.. just getting ready to go to work. The kids are still sleeping and it's about time for them to get up. Just that I was downloading something from the net last night so the computer is still on.. just feel like writing something or nothing at all...

Anyhow, one thing that I notice almost immediately is that the date for today is Feb 1st, 2008. The first breeze that came to mind is that one month already passed by, time do fly so fast nowadays. Or your life is getting busier that you didn't really notice every little bits of detail in of life makes you think time moves faster than before.

And the sad part is that I did have the chance to pick up my camera as frequent as usual so there is not much new interesting photos except for the candid ones. Em.. well I think I'll make one resolution for just this month, for starter at least to take one photo a day for a month.

Emm, lets see how it turns out. :D ok signing off... yo kids get up time to go to school..

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