Pantai Tanjung Leman, Mersing  

I went to Pantai Tanjung Leman, Mersing or Tanjung Leman Beach early April to send off one mof my cousin to her new acquired family through marriage. It is accustom for a relative to join the family for sending off after marriage to the new family. Her husband's family lives somewhere at a place called Tenggaroh, Mersing and it is very close by at about 11 kilometer to the Tanjung Leman Beach.

Tanjung Leman Beach is a typical east coach beach of Malaysia, a white beautiful sandy beach. But somehow when I got to the beach, it is a wrong time of the day that the water line was too far away and this made the beach not very attractive at all. To reach the water line is muddy all the way and not very much swimming can be done. Anyhow do enjoy a few photos taken at the beach.

And the code is FSKSW230137