Flock Browser - The Social Web Browser  

Last week a friend of mine introduce me to Flock Browser, he said it is easier to navigate between the many web application nowdays.. viewing your friend photos at Flickr or Picasa, reading your email at Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, socializing with friends at Facebook, keeping tabs with your favourites with del.icio.us and many more applications centralized in one place, simple and integrated.

One thing for sure.. Flock Browser will make your daily routine internet social connection and networking much easier to manage and without the hassle of finding Add-ons or Plugins for your browser. Simply download Flock Browsers, install it and you are good to go.

Flock uses the same browser engine as Firefox.. so if you are already familiar with firefox then it shouldn't be that hard diving with Flock... let's flock together..

And the code is FSKSW230137