Harvesting Starfruit flowers  

I got to take these pictures by chance, while waiting for my mum to pick up something at my uncle's house I stroll around the house and saw a bee buzzing at a starfruit tree. Like a hunter, hurriedly I shoot with my camera since the bee is very fast with tasks at hand harvesting the starfruit flowers for nectar. Just got to take a few pictures since the bee got angry and almost stung my hand. Luckily I manage to ward it off with my camera. I think I can get better picture but at the moment these are the only one that I could with the current gear, I read somewhere to get a better animal/insect photograph one need to be able to take the picture of its eyes but I couldn't get close enough to be able to do so.

I guess there are 8 too many pictures.. a bit lagging while loading all the pictures, or it is just that my connection is too slow.. or the new template that I am using, though I like it very much since it is more manageable and easily modify to suit my need.

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And the code is FSKSW230137