Mahkota Berduri  

Yellow Mahkota Berduri

Mahkota Berduri which is widely know as Crown-of-Thorns was said to be originated from Madagascar. It is hard to find the scientific name since the name known to me is only "Mahkota Berduri" but I finally found a site that dedicated to the story of this plant and its scientific name is Euphorbia milli. The species that's widely found in Malaysia is supposedly came from Thailand and Taiwan, a hybrid species. I do not know why but my wife really loves collecting the different variety of this plant. As I said in my first entry, the name Mahkota Berduri or Crown-of-Thorns been given to the plant is because of the many thorns on the stem which is said to be poisonous.

Beautiful Red Crown

Small pinkish in colour crown.

The difference in picture quality is due to the fact that the photos ware taken using either my Nokia N73 or my Nikon Coolpix P1. I was hoping to purchase a better camera in a near future, probably a digital SLR then maybe a more consistent beautiful pictures can be produced.

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