The mouth watering Breadfruit  

Buah sukun is very delicious as an afternoon snack and because when cut into pieces then fried, it resemble the bread it is told why it is called Breadfruit in english, and when it's dip in a spicy soy sauce and taken with tea, it really hits the spot. And, to my surprise when I went to my mother-in-law to pick up my little daughter, my mother-in-law ask me to taste boiled breadfruit that she made earlier. It's so good that I finish the whole bowl, I have never tasted a bolied one before since normally it is fried instead of boiled. She said it's just a simple process just boil the breadfruit and then dry it, remove the water and put into a frying pan with no oil and just sprinkle with a little sugar and toss it a around for a while.

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