Another Yellow?  

Chrysanthemums Flower

Took this photo of a yellow flower in front of my mother-in-law's house.

This flower always find it ways to be a regular member of a Malay wedding bouquet called Sirih Junjung. It is because not only that it is easily available but it is also because it doesn't matters whether it is fresh or dry it still can be presented as a perfect flower arrangement. After searching here and there, I came to a conclusion that this is a chrysanthemum flower but later on when my wife came and have a peek of what I am writing she overrule and said it looks like a dandelion. So I try to search for dandelion and it does look like ot jugding from the leaves type. So most probably this is a dandelion.

p/s If anybody read the earlier posting, I apologize, I have to edit this back. Obviously, the flower does resemble a chrysanthemum but the leaf did not.

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