Eye on Malaysia  

Finally, I managed to go to the one of the buzz of year 2007 last Friday, set up in conjunction to the Visit Malaysia 2007, the Eye On Malaysia located at one of the oldest lake park of Kuala Lumpur, the Titiwangsa Lake Garden. In fact I spent almost a day over there, in the morning with my two kids after dropping my wife at KL Convention Centre and in the afternoon with my parents and my sister while waiting to pick up my wife from the KL Convention Centre. My two kids were the lucky ones, got to ride the Eye on Malaysia twice in a day.

Eye on Malaysia (EOM) is actually a ferris wheel, a very big ferris wheel. the idea of Eye On Malaysia came from the similar concept in London, if I am not mistaken called the London Eye. A 60 metre structure comprises of 42 fully air conditioned gondolas. Riding with Eye on Malaysia is a 12 minutes joy and if my counting is right , it took exactly 8 revolutions or is it 10. I lost count after 5, enjoying the ride so much.

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