Kuala Lumpur : Reaching for the sky..  

Kuala Lumpur Skyscrapers, my wife took this picture, going back to my sister's house, it just before sunset and we are stuck at a traffic jam at the upper level of Jalan Tun Abd Razak.

It has been quiet sometime since I have been to Kuala Lumpur or KL for leisure, normally I have to attend a meeting so no sight seeing is included in the schedule. But today I got to see KL by myself since the kids is with the my mum at my sister's house and my wife is at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre attending the KL International Breast and Colorectal Cancer Congress. The conference will be for 3 days so I have many time to kill. Since my sister insisted that we stay at her house, I have to travel early in the morning to reach the convention centre, would it be great if my wife know how to take the public transport, anyhow, KL traffic jam reminds me on why I left KL years ago to find work at my hometown. Luckily, I still got all the skill of driving learned back when I was a system support engineer in KL even though many of the routes have changed.

KL Convention Centre is a grand place indeed, never been there before and I suppose I look like a fish out of water, everyone else is all dress up unlike me with a t-shirt and a snicker. May be tomorrow I'll just drop my wife off at he main entrance. Anyhow, snap the picture of the Petronas Twin Tower with my Nokia N73.


Maybe tomorrow I will bring the kids to the Zoo and most probably later on to take a ride on The Eye of Malaysia.

This month is a special month, on 31st of August, Malaysia will celebrate its 50th Independence Day. Along the way from Batu Pahat, everywhere you turn you would see Malaysian flags all over displayed proudly by Malaysian.

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