Gurindam Jiwa  

The world of nature, the flora and faunas, and even the animal kingdom is our vital source of energy today and tomorrow. Be it dead or alive. Dead, you will get from fossil fuel, after thousand of years buried deep down inside the mother earth. Alive, as an energy that let you breath every single moment of your life.

Pantun always reflect nature as the pembayang or the first 2 phrases, it is because Malaysia is a tropical country where sun shines almost all year long and the nature is second to none. And pantun is a Malay heritage and as such the nature like trees, flowers, animals would easily find it ways into the everyday life a Malaysian. And since a pantun is a form of poetry it would also find it ways to encapsulate the art of love and romance within the Malay community. Like one of the famous song cum pantun of the 60s, Gurindam Jiwa.

Thinking back, 5 Pantun in one shot is a bit overkill huh.. even thrown in a song with it. :D

Gurindam Jiwa

( L )
Tuailah padi antara masak
Esok jangan layu-layuan
Intailah kami antara nampak
Esok jangan rindu-rinduan

( P )
Anak cina pasang lukah
Lukah dipasang di Tanjung Jati
Di dalam hati tidak ku lupa
Sebagai rambut bersimpul mati

( korus )
( L )
Batang selasih permainan budak
Daun sehelai dimakan kuda
Bercerai kasih bertalak tidak
Seribu tahun kembali juga

( P )
Burung merpati terbang seribu
Hinggap seekor di tengah laman
( L )
Hendak mati di hujung kuku
Hendak berkubur di tapak tangan

( L & P )
Kalau tuan mudik ke hulu
Carikan saya bunga kemboja
Kalau tuan mati dahulu
Nantikan saya di pintu syurga

I definitely won't be able to translate this but it is a song in a form of Pantun in which is about love and that, love is forever that even in death one will wait for each other at the gate of heaven. A Malay version of Romeo and Juliet so to speak.

Click on the play button to listen to the song..

gurindam jiwa.mp3

Note :

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