The Black Beauty  

Manggis or mangosteen season is finally here, the fruit is also called the black beauty because the fruit inside is white and presumably pure, I guess people used to represent the colour of dark as evil and white as pure and beautiful though it is not likely the case in reality. Anyhow, mangis is my son's favourite besides durian so when I went to pluck some he came along happily, most of the time he don't like to follow because of the mosquitoes but since it's a quite refreshing morning, and I have lit a few dried leaves earlier, there are not many mosquitoes hovering around, a little smoke does do the trick.

Using a long bamboo stick with a small wired caged at the tip I pluck the mangosteen one by one, it won't get damaged because it will be captured by the caged instead of falling down the trees. Emm.. looking at my son enjoying the fruit I am thankful to my father for planting these trees.

I have read somewhere that eating mangosteen is really good because the fruit contains a powerful anti-oxidant that some people dubbed manggis or mangosteen as a super fruit because of the combination of its sweetness in taste, its fragrant like smell, its richness in nutrients and also its anti-oxidant strength. Well for me manggis is manggis, when it is its season just enjoy it fully.

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