Durian time  

Durian is the king of fruits in this part of the world and it is now officially durian season here at my place. We have a few durian trees that are capable of producing an abundance amount of durians and some that cannot be sold because the quality is not up to the par so we ate it ourself. During this time that my brother and sisters find their time to come back to enjoy the fruits. Last weekend was my youngest sister and this weekend my big brother. This year of fruit season is a rather special one since most of the tree were gone due to the recent flood but the ones that are still standing are good enough to provide joy and happiness. It is the time to savour the fruits and labour of our great grandparents who plant the fruit trees in the first place.

Ahha, nothing beats the foul and stingy smells of durian, it lingers throughout the house for many days. Even hotels now days prohibit durian to be taken into the hotel and many foreigner cannot stand the smell but the taste is out of this world if one knows how to enjoy it. Thinking back I react the same to the smell of raw cheese when I visited one the cheese storage when during my college years, I guess the reaction is the same when a person is not used to durian smells it for the first time.

My 5-year-old daughter took this picture of weird durian my mother opened up last thursday that had a premature durian inside it. A durian within a durian, weird huh...

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