Water Lily  

It was raining last night and come morning weather is so fresh and the sun shines brightly. A normal morning walk became worthwhile not only because it is good for the body but because the air smells good and the sight of a newly bloom water lily overwhelmingly soothes the soul.

As a flower blooms and makes you smile and forget about the trouble world, new buds sprung out of water ready to take on new challenges. It's a cycle of life until the day the world dies itself. But until then, what you can do is just sit back and enjoy your moment under the sun, nobody or anything can take that away from you. A photo freeze that moment in time and it lets other to enjoy that moment, time and time again..

It is the only thing that you can do since a day passes by like a bullet train. It is already another day, in a fraction of a moment away another half day simply vanish, another month right up the alley, half a year already gone away and with a camera in your hand you have the power to freeze time, forever. And nobody can take that away from you... so click on and on and on.....

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