Browsing at Carrefour  

Went to Carrefour Batu Pahat with my family last Saturday morning at around 10.30 am.. still a lot of empty parking space, I guess most people still slumbering at home on weekend, it's just a 10 minutes drive from our house. Initially just want to browse around but got hook up at the fruits section, plenty of fruits but under the fluorescent light one cannot tell whether the fruits sold are really fresh. Somehow the light disguise the true colour of the fruits. Got some pictures of dragon fruits and bunches oflychees.

Dragon Fruits.

Lychees, looks delicious but rather expensive.

Taking pictures using mobile devices like my Nokia N73 indoor, the quality of the pictures are not that good. Maybe one of these days I would find a technique to take better pictures using a simple point shoot digital camera then it would be great. :D

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